Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Natural

I'm up early this Saturday.

Not because I really want to be, but Dave had to work this morning. So I'm up and at 'em and ready to tackle the day ahead. I've put the laundry out on the line, had breakfast and a cup of coffee. Now it is time for a little Core Fusion which hopefully won't make me too tired.

After this I'm headed to the shops to get the fresh fruit and veg for the week! There is the cutest shop called Just Natural up the road that has all sorts of fresh fruit, veggies and plants as well. I need to make a shopping list before I go so I don't waste anything. I'll try to snap a picture because it really is fun! Oh, and I'm going to stop at the thrift stores to look for old picture frames for my project inspired by Kristen and Carly. If I have time, I might start making my bunting as well!

It's Saturday and the day is full of possibilities!

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